LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in Peril, a game that found its way to consoles in 2013 and other mobile platforms in 2014, has now fought its way into the Play Store. This port has managed to come in before LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga, an older title that briefly appeared on the Amazon Appstore and never found its way onto Google Play.

Unlike that relatively faithful port, Universe in Peril is not a copy of the version that originally graced consoles. Instead, it's a more portable take that's better suited for short breaks throughout the day and even shorter attention spans.

This mobile adaptation takes a dozen stages from the console title and breaks them down into bite-sized chunks. You get in, you get to use a few powers, and you get out. The huge hub worlds that serve as sandboxes between stages didn't make the cut.

The experience contains nearly 100 characters, which may be a lot, but it represents only a portion of the numbered packed into the original game. You can pay to instantly unlock heroes or get stud boosts so that you can grind for them more quickly on your own, but none of this is necessary. The full game is open to anyone who puts down $4.99 for the download.

Alternate title: [That Will Be $4.99 Ma'am] LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Don't Face Androids For Free