Google has announced the end of another service, and this one is a shocker—Google Code is going away on January 25th, 2016. That gives you about ten months to get your code off of Google's servers before it's gone forever. Why is Google breaking your heart like this? According to the company, Google Code simply isn't very popular anymore.

google code

When Google Code was launched in 2006, there weren't many options for open source code repositories. Google felt it was necessary to provide this service to encourage open source development. Since then, however, services like GitHub and Bitbucket have gotten very popular. Developers have been migrating from Google Code to these more powerful services—Google has even migrated almost 1000 projects from Google Code to GitHub because that's where the developers are. Really, Google doesn't seem to have worked very hard to make Code better over the years, so this isn't much of a surprise.

In its current state, a large proportion of new projects on Google Code are spam or abuse. Google says managing the service lately has consisted almost exclusively of removing these projects. The solution is to shut it down, apparently. As of today, new project creation is disabled. On August 24th of this year, Google Code will become read-only.

The final shutdown won't happen until January 2016, so you've got time to get your code out and host it elsewhere. Google has a number of tools for exporting projects directly from Code to services like GitHub and SourceForge.