When Lollipop 5.0 first launched, it brought with it an interesting set of dynamic Quick Settings toggles. Drop down your notification shade and you could see the usual culprits like WiFi and Bluetooth, but a few toggles were hidden unless they were triggered once, like WiFi Hotspot or Invert Colors. The problem, however, was that once these showed up, they were there to stay ... at least for one month if you never touched them again. Then we found out that you could force them to disappear by setting your date forward a month, then back.


That (not so) cool hack must have annoyed a few Googlers because Android 5.1 introduces a more orthodox way to solve the problem: simply long-press on a dynamic tile and you get the option to hide it until you trigger it again from the settings. Simple, ey? Here's a video of it in action, courtesy of Ramit Suri.

This is confirmed to work on both the Hotspot and the Invert Colors tiles. You'll now have to wait for Android 5.1's release (and, ehm, its acknowledgment first) to be able to clean your Quick Settings panel faster and simpler.

Auto-Rotate tile too

It seems that the auto-rotate tile can be removed from Quick Settings in Android 5.1 as well, though its behavior is a bit different from the dynamic tiles mentioned above. You can't long-press it to remove it, you have to actually head into Accessibility > Auto-rotate screen, and turn that setting off. When you do so, the tile won't show up in the Quick Settings.