Cookpad Recipes, the renamed app of Allthecooks that made it into my favorite list of beautiful and delicious cooking apps for Android tablets, has received a significant update to version 6.11, bringing a redesigned homepage and a few Material Design elements.

cookpad-recipes-1 cookpad-recipes-2 cookpad-recipes-3

Gone is the grey toolbar that greeted you when you first opened the app, replaced with a floating white search bar and a hamburger menu. A FAB sits at the bottom of the screen and spawns another action button to compose a new recipe. Inside the app, the toolbar has switched to Cookpad's signature bright orange, and the status bar is made transparent to fit with it. When you open a recipe, the toolbar disappears and leaves the spot for a larger hero image of the platter, and the FAB resurfaces with a favorite shortcut.

The MD implementation however remains very limited and feels almost forced at times. The navigation drawer isn't full-height and doesn't really look the Material part, the status bar isn't transparent in all screens, and the redundant under-FAB on the homescreen is just weird. Allthecooks might need a few more iterations to completely polish its app's new look, but it still is one of the most feature-rich cooking services on Android with its tablet interface, Android Wear support, and Google+ login.

Here's the changelog of the new version with the widget to download the app right after.

Version 6.11:
  • This is our biggest release ever. Please send feedback about how to improve it.
  • Completely redesign of homepage using material design components and actions.
  • Notifications are now shared across devices.
  • Better search.