Google just announced the new Chromebook Pixel today, two days after Apple unveiled its new Macbook, and for all the differences those two laptops will have, they also have one very important thing in common: a USB3.1 Type C connector. That connector is used to charge them, as well as to transfer data, hook up external displays, or most any other USB accessory. This is very exciting.

USB3.1 Type C is fully reversible and finally does away with the most annoying aspect of modern USB cables: multiple port types. USB3.1 will finally eschew micro, mini, type B, and other weird-ass ports in favor of a single port design that is much smaller (and reversible, did I mention reversible?) than the existing full-sized USB A style.

In announcing the new Pixel, though, Google dropped something of a truth-bomb on us all in its press release about other devices and USB Type C. A very exciting truth-bomb we must all embrace.

The Pixel is one of the first products to launch with this new standard, with more Chromebooks and Android devices following suit soon.

Basically, Google is telling us that yes, if there is a next Nexus phone, or some other kind of Google-sanctioned phone device, it will have USB Type C, because otherwise we will look kind of dumb for saying this. Dear readers, I dare say itshappening.gif.

USB Type C adoption can't come quickly enough, though I struggle to think what I'm going to do with my 50-strong supply of microUSB cables. Also, I apologize for putting strong pornography in the header image of this article. I could not resist.