Have you ever wished that Google would just open its equivalent of an Apple Store, so you could have a one-stop-shop for your favorite phones, tablets, and Chromebooks? The company has dabbled with the idea before, and Americans can kinda-sorta experience this in the corner of a local Best Buy, but now the Big G is taking things to the next level by opening its first branded shop. It just happens to be at Currys PC World in London.

I hear you, London is an awfully long ways away. You could pay for a plane ticket and ditch work or school just to stroll around for a few obscenely reckless minutes—or you could simply download the Google Cardboard app that's now available in the Play Store.

The virtual reality experience gives you a look at Google's retail space. A life-like Google associate is present to guide you through the five-minute tour.

Unfortunately, as cool as this is, it's inherently a look, don't touch experience. You're going to have to go to another shop to order any of the devices lining the shelves. Or, you know, you could buy that plane ticket. Send us pictures if you do.

Google Shop at Currys VR Tour
Google Shop at Currys VR Tour
Developer: Mirada LLC
Price: Free