Evernote has been nibbling around the edges of material design for a while now, but the 7.0 update is a big one. The app is adopting many aspects of material design and adding a few new features too.

Here's the changelog for Evernote v7.0.

  • Visual refresh supporting Google’s Material Design principles, including a flatter look, bolder colors, and improved typography
  • Customizable quick notes
    • Long press to add or remove quick note options
  • Revamped navigation
    • Simpler navigation drawer with direct access to shortcuts
  • Improved note editor and note view
    • Cleaner layout and controls
  • Editable tags
    • Support for renaming and deleting tags
  • Numerous bug fixes and enhancements

As for the material UI, Evernote got it mostly right, I think. The app had a FAB before, but the styling was all wrong. Now it looks as it should and there's a cool animation when you tap it to add a new note. The navigation drawer has also been revamped to material-ish specifications. The status bar and hero color are present as well. It doesn't have as many touch animations as I would have expected, though.


The update should be live for everyone, but just in case, you can get it on APK Mirror.