Even while the more corporate side of CyanogenMod makes new deals with smartphone makers and OEMs, the original "CM Team" continues to expand the ROM's lineup of officially-supported phones and tablets. Today the original Moto E (from 2014) and the Oppo N3 both get their first nightly software builds, and yes, both of them are CyanogenMod 12  (based on Android 5.0 Lollipop AOSP code). You can download and flash them now.


The Moto E is an obvious choice for a custom ROM; its rock-bottom price and relatively "clean" Android software have made it a favorite among budget-minded enthusiasts, and it doesn't feature the notifications, voice, and gesture-based extras of its big brother the Moto X (which CyanogenMod doesn't duplicate). Oppo's phones are less well-known, especially outside of Asia, but are well-received by hardware junkies and deal hunters. CyanogenMod's inscrutable codename for the Moto E is "condor," while the N3 is simply labeled with its model name.

As always with custom ROMs, you'll need an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery in order to install it. Neither Motorola nor Oppo restrict this. Also be aware that with just one nightly build each, these ROMs may not be particularly stable - it could be handy to keep a backup of your phone's original software. Don't forget to flash the Gapps package as well if you want access to the Play Store and Google services.