Moto Maker makes ordering a Moto X different from picking up any other smartphone. You get to customize the handset to suit your own peculiar tastes, even if that means picking an appalling color pattern and nonsensical engraving that all but guarantee you won't be able to sell the thing at any point in the future.

Now, right on schedule, Motorola has brought the experience to the Moto 360. The options don't quite compare to those available for the company's flagship phone, but Moto Maker does let you mix and match between the various pre-existing components already available. You can pick a silver, black, or gold ($30 extra) case and pair it with either a leather or metal (add $50) band of various colors. After that, you pick one of eleven watchfaces to have shipped with the device. Considering it takes all of two taps to switch between the default faces, that last option hardly seems worth the effort of including. But nevertheless, it's there.


Moto360Motomaker1 Moto360Motomaker2 Moto360Motomaker3

When you're done, add the smartwatch to your cart and go finalize payment as you normally would. Your black and gold unofficial Steelers watch is on its way.