Apple has a big event scheduled to kick off whenever the hour, with folks looking forward to learning more about upcoming MacBooks and the Apple Watch. The latter will be a first-generation device, Apple's long-awaited debut into the wearables market.

But forget about that product for a moment and remember that, whatever the headlines, Apple's watch will hardly be the only decent smartwatch in town. Google has just released a short commercial showing consumers that Android Wear is a thing and that its watches are cool.

The 17-second commercial features plenty of young people wearing various circular and square watches all sporting different faces. The dancers' movements seem choreographed to highlight the different form factors and styles Android Wear devices come in. This stands in contrast to the Apple Watch where, despite an immense plethora of swappable bands, each unit will be a square with a crown bulging out the side.

But, as long as each watch platform only syncs with its own ecosystem, commercials will hardly determine which product folks actually buy.

Alternate title: [What Apple Watch Event?] Google Releases Short Android Wear Video Because It's Monday