Mobile app development is among the most popular fields in tech today, and there's no shortage of resources to help developers take their skills to the next level. Developer conferences are generally a great way for users to see what's on the horizon in the development scene, as experts in the field are oftentimes present to give valuable insight on what to expect.

The Mobile Dev + Test Conference is one such event, but when other conferences are ending, it's just getting started. It's a massive six-day event with all sorts of interesting topics and workshops covering both iOS and Android, including several keynotes, mobile application testing, tutorials, special events, and an all-day innovation and leadership summit to close the whole thing out. Topics discussed will include performance, design, user experience, smart technology, and security.


While there are several different packages to choose from with a mixed bag of options, the best value is of course to attend the entire week-long event, which essentially grants access to everything the conference has to offer. This includes two tutorial days, all keynotes, concurrent sessions, the two-day expo, as well as the aforementioned innovation and leadership summit, where users will explore the future of mobile application development, as well as discuss the unique challenges facing the mobile industry in general.

When registering, Android Police readers are encouraged to use the coupon code MDT15AP to get an additional $200 off pricing (including early bird pricing). This code is good until the registration deadline, but it's definitely the most economical to take advantage of it before early bird pricing ends this Friday, March 13th.

To register, head here or click the image above.

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