As if it wasn't already news, Apple announ... Android 5.1 is officially launching today. While the latest version already made its debut on a few Android One phones, the rest of us have been (impatiently) waiting for our chance to check it out on some Nexus hardware. We're still looking for OTA packages and factory images, but it looks like Google is already busy uploading the source code to the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).


At the time of this post, the code push is only just getting started. Branches with the name lollipop-mr1-release are starting to appear under an assortment of different projects, but there are still no tags and most of the main repositories have gone untouched. The process of uploading all of the code for a new version of Android usually takes a few hours, so it will probably be a while before it's finished. It's worth noting, this could possibly just be a push of GPL code, and there may be a more complete release scheduled for a later date; but that seems unlikely after the events of today.

A few of the repositories that already have MR1 branches include:

Upload Complete

It looks like the source drop finished uploading late last night. Bill Yi posted to the Android Building group that the Android 5.1 source code is now available and ready for download. The kernel sources for grouper, manta, and hammerhead also went up a couple of hours ago, as well