Adoption of material design appears to be on an upward trend. It seems that every few days we hear news about another app refreshing its design with some inspiration from Google's new aesthetic, with some apps using the design language at launch. This is great for users who have been hungry for a more unified, cohesive design language on Android.

Continuing the trend, Groupon has introduced its update to version 15.2, heavily inspired by material design. The update, while just a 0.1 version bump, greatly refines the app's interface. The tab bar is now colorized and brought into line with Google's recommendations, and the app has adopted the new navigation drawer, including an account switcher and simple iconography.

The app still relies on a card lineup for browsing deals, but the card structure itself has been cleaned up. Information is presented in a sensible, scannable fashion, with refined typography making things easy to look at. Inside a deal, the toolbar coloring has been eschewed in favor of a better hero image display. Here's a quick before-and-after.

Screenshot_2015-03-06-22-15-35 Screenshot_2015-03-06-22-14-43 Screenshot_2015-03-06-22-14-35

Screenshot_2015-03-06-21-49-49 Screenshot_2015-03-06-21-49-10 Screenshot_2015-03-06-21-49-38

The app is certainly better-looking and easier to use for these changes, despite the continued lack of fun animations. Groupon has some really nice opportunities ahead of it in the motion department (those cards sure do have a lot of potential shared elements), so it will be interesting to see if the app eventually takes advantage of those.

Groupon is rolling out the update on the Play Store, so if you're already a user you should see it soon. If you don't want to wait, we've heard there's another option.