Day after day, we keep uncovering more and more information about what seems to be the most impressive smartphone Samsung has ever made. So far we know that the Galaxy S6 (and S6 Edge) has a monstrous processorblazing fast storage, and a fantastic design and build quality.

But the Korean giant doesn't want you to forget the cameras it included in this bad boy. In the following video, it demonstrates some of the cool features of both 5MP front and 16MP back shooters, emphasizing the f/1.9 aperture for better lighting, fast launch time thanks to the double click on the home button shortcut, faster auto-focus, Pro camera mode for manual control over ISO and exposure, real-time HDR for both cameras (selfies!), OIS, and fast and slow motion video recording.

The ones that seemed the most interesting to me, however, were tracking auto-focus (how many times have you focused on someone, only to have them move before you took the photo?) and the ability to save custom Pro modes (if I frequently use specific exposure and ISO settings, I shouldn't have to manually set them every time I launch the camera). We'll have to wait for our own hands-on with the S6 to check the camera's quality for ourselves, but things are already looking up for Samsung.