Zynga acquired NaturalMotionGames about a year ago for over half a billion dollars, and now the maker of titles like CSR Racing and Backbreaker Football has released the trailer for its first post-Zynga project. The game is called Dawn of Titans, and it's a big departure from the games NaturalMotion has been making thus far. In Dawn of Titans you control armies led by giant warriors as they do battle with other players. The developer promises fluid performance and quick gameplay that makes sense on a mobile device.

Dawn of Titans is an action strategy title based on a new game engine called Echo. According to the company, this is what allows the game to render huge armies on a mobile device without killing performance. The key to victory in Dawn of Titans is, as the title suggests, the titans. These giant warriors come equipped with powerful weapons and abilities that can lead your forces to victory. The gameplay footage reminds me a lot of the battle with Sauron at the beginning of Lord of the Rings.

The gameplay is controlled with simple swipe gestures, and can be played in bite-size segments while you're in line at the bank or waiting on your coffee. NaturalMotion calls this the "Starbucks line test." The graphics look fantastic in the trailer, but what about price? It sounds like this is going to be a free-to-play game, but it's not clear how aggressive the pricing will be. The game will start rolling out to limited regions in the coming weeks, then hits all devices later this year.