There isn't a shortage of Tron-inspired watch faces for Android Wear with bright neon blue colors, but finding one that is customizable to different styles and watch shapes can be a bit difficult. Enter NAVI, from Tha PHLASH (lots of capslocking there), a cool watch design that hits all the right notes.

Available for both round and square watches, with a setting that lets you remove the redundant digits on the G Watch R (finally someone thought of that!), NAVI comes in both a day and a night mode. It has several colors and settings for the clock hands, with weather, date, and battery placeholders, and a very battery-friendly ambient mode.

While I personally would have preferred a slightly more substantial ambient mode, NAVI could be perfect for your taste. In that case, it will only set you back about $1.5.

NAVI - Watch face
NAVI - Watch face
Developer: Tha PHLASH
Price: $1.99