There are countless cocktail varieties out there and just as many ways to go about making them (one approach being to point at the menu when the waiter comes around). Going forward, folks looking to make their own won't even have to click a link to figure out a recipe. Google will start providing instructions right at the top of their search results.

The directions won't appear if you only search for the name of a cocktail. You must frame the search as a question, such as "How To Make A Bloody Mary," or simply include the word "make" with the search terms. The steps will appear in a box underneath the relevant ads.

GoogleCocktails1 GoogleCocktails4

The instructions aren't lengthy, but additional information is available if you need it. On Android devices, you can find it tucked away under a down arrow. In a browser, that information is placed in the sidebar instead. You're provided with the required alcohol, ingredients, a link to Wikipedia, and other details.


If you're reading this from a work computer, please wait until you check out before putting this new feature to use. And I mean physically check out, not mentally. We already know the latter happened a while ago.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free