Twitter looks to be in the process of rolling out a handy feature in its official app, but you probably don't have it yet. A number of users in the Twitter beta program report they now have a built-in browser for viewing links. This appears to be a server-side change, so you can't just install an APK to enable it.

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Internal browsers are a very common feature in Twitter clients, but Twitter's own app has always relied on passing links off to the full browser. The simplified webview browser keeps you in Twitter so it's easier to get back to the timeline after checking a link. It includes an option to dump the page to your full browser of choice as well.

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Everyone that has reported this feature is running the beta, but it's probably in the alpha too. Maybe it's even showing up for stable users as well. This is a server-side thing, so all bets are off. If Twitter sees good feedback, this feature will likely be enabled for everyone.

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