You're sitting at home or in your office, hungry, ready to gnaw at anything, really anything, then you remember that you would absolutely love those special donuts you usually grab on your way to work. The problem? They don't deliver. Your craving is turning into a focused need for donuts and it's evolving at an alarming speed into dangerous territory. What do you do? You pick up your Android phone and launch the Caviar app.

You quickly browse to your donuts shop, drool while scrolling through the appetizing images, pick a donut, wait no, 3 donuts, customize your order, input your address, and stare at the screen while the GPS tracks both the courier and the end of your misery in real-time.

That's Caviar, a delivery company that was purchased by Square a few months ago. The app, which was available on iOS and the web before, has finally decided to end Android users' hunger in these select US cities: Boston, Brooklyn, Chicago, Los Angeles, Manhattan, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Portland, Seattle, and Washington DC. It has no minimum orders, offers your first delivery for free, and works in association with restaurants and businesses that don't otherwise have an in-house delivery system. To get you started, you'll have to grab a few bites (get it?) from the widget below.