It's getting to be that time. The first-generation Android Wear watches are officially old, and everyone is anticipating shiny new watches with updated hardware. That means the old ones are going to start showing up on sale more often. You can get the G Watch R from Groupon for $269.99 right now, $30 off the regular price.

2015-03-03 10_21_24-LG G Watch R Android Smartwatch _ Groupon

The G Watch R has a 1.3-inch P-OLED display and metal chassis. It's a rather large watch with aggressive features, but it actually looks nice in person. The strap is not very good, though.

This deal is for a new watch with a full warranty from LG—no refurbished, open box, or "gently used" nonsense. This price is good for a week, which is also how long it will take to ship. This is a US-only deal as well.