BlackBerry will not be ignored, guys. While you're off gawking at the new Samsung and HTC phones, BlackBerry is slaving away to roll out a new version of BBM for Android. How about a little appreciation, huh? The update, which is expected tomorrow (3/2), includes the promised Android Wear support and a few other interesting features.


Here's what BlackBerry is promising in the new update.

  • Android Wear
  • Photos in group chat
  • Ad-free subscription
  • Custom PIN subscription

The Android Wear support will come to everyone free of charge. You can read and reply to BBM messages in a few swipes from your wrist. Everyone will get photo support in group chats too.

The other two features are not free, though. If ads in the BBM feed are getting you down, you can subscribe to the ad-free version for $0.99 per month. This option also stops those sponsored invites from BlackBerry partners. For $1.99 per month you can have a custom PIN. BBM PINs are those random strings of characters that you give someone so they can add you to their contact list. With the custom option, you can make that PIN less horrible, but you still have to follow certain security rules.

tl;dr — Android Wear, plus BlackBerry wants your money. Remember, the update won't be live until tomorrow.

The update version is now live in the Play Store. Alternatively, you can grab it from APKMirror.

BBM - No longer available
BBM - No longer available
Developer: BBM .
Price: To be announced