Huawei can't seem to keep its MWC goodies under wraps. Its gorgeous Huawei Watch leaked earlier thanks to two lengthy product videos, showing a Moto 360-like round watch with small steel bezels and an elegant design. But that won't be the only wearable the company is working on (and presumably announcing at MWC in a few hours). After showing up prematurely in a few public ads, the TalkBand B2 has made an appearance in none other than Huawei's own Wear application.

huawei-talkband-2-2 huawei-talkband-2-1

Huawei Wear, the companion app to the OEM's bands, has received an update. When picking out a new device to connect to, the app suggests the TalkBand B1, the ColorBand, and a yet-unannounced TalkBand B2. The B2's images show a more refined second generation of the fitness-tracker-slash-Bluetooth-headset combo.

Aside from the slick looks, the TalkBand B2 has ditched the landscape oriented screen for a larger portrait one. There seem to be a black/grey variant and a gold one, both suspiciously metallic and thin. And no matter how long I stare at those images, I can't figure out where Huawei hid the in-ear bud. It would be interesting if this used some form of bone conduction, wouldn't it?

Huawei Wear
Huawei Wear
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