The announcements are coming fast and loose out of Mobile World Congress. Huawei has been steadily sharing new phablets, watches, and more. One of the less conventional gadgets to join the company's lineup includes a Wi-Fi hotspot designed for automobiles, dubbed CarFi. It has been designed to share a 4G LTE connection with up to 10 devices simultaneously, and it doesn't look half bad.

CarFi is similar to many other cellular hotspot devices, but it plugs directly into the DC port found in most cars and trucks. Naturally, it requires an activated SIM card for service, and it supports up to 150 Mbps with LTE category 4. As many as 10 devices can share data at the same time, which should be enough for the passengers of any vehicle short of a school bus. There is also a single USB port built into the CarFi to pass power through to a phone or tablet.

Huawei seems determined to focus attention on build quality with notes about power management system, fire-proof materials, and carbon fibre finish. While the design is a little clunky, it does look more attractive than most of the personal hotspots available today.

Prices and availability have not been announced yet.