We're all looking forward to Google I/O. Some of us frequently check the official website to count the days until registrations are open, so we are familiar with the cool font and animations used for the event's hashtag and countdown. They're all about Material Design — layers, colors, shadows, FABs, and all the design elements that have populated our conscious and subconscious dreams for the past months.

Now you can count the time until I/O more accurately and with the same style, thanks to this IO 2015 Watch Face. It uses the same font, works on both round and square watches, has cool animations and transitions when turning on and off, switches to a battery-friendly ambient mode, offers the choice between 12h and 24h formats, and comes in 7 colors to satiate the Material junkie inside us all.

Here's a bit of trivia to reward you for reading this far before rushing to get your I/O fix. This font appears to be highly inspired from the one Google used in its design-focused Form 2014 event in San Francisco (which you can also have fun writing with). Both carry a lot of MD connotations mixed with an interesting use of geometric shapes. Google's own Roman Nurik even had a Form-inspired watch face in the pipeline that looks strikingly similar to this one by Chanh Le, but he doesn't seem to have made it publicly available. Luckily, you can get this one now, and for free too!

Watch face - Animate Material
Watch face - Animate Material
Developer: Candl Apps
Price: Free