Watch the video below. Watch it several times if you need to. Try to figure out what it's trying to promote. A remote and exclusive European ski resort? An auction house for classic Mercedes cars? Champagne intended only for use in questionably phallic gestures? Nope, it's Huawei's Watch. That's not a typo, it's actually called the Huawei Watch. Let's... um, watch.

The design of the Android Wear device looks more or less like the Moto 360, with its metal housing and thin bezels but without its signature "flat tire" screen cutout. The Huawei Watch also has conventional lugs (presumably making for easy watch band swaps) and a single "crown" button at the 2:00 position. It will come in steel/silver, gold (colored, probably not actual gold), and flat black, with a variety of leather and metal watch straps available. The more in-depth video below shows that Huawei went with a 42mm body size, allegedly to make it unisex (though 42mm is still huge for a woman's watch), and the screen is covered in synthetic sapphire, a common trait among more expensive traditional watches.

The promo shows a heart rate monitor, but no other stand-out features compared to current Android Wear designs. That said, the round screen, thin bezel, and sapphire screen may have plenty of users ready to spend their money... however much it may cost. Expect Huawei to announce the Watch with more details at Mobile World Congress next week.