Baby's first steps, carrying the cake out on grandma's birthday, receiving your diploma at the graduation ceremony. These are great moments you want to show off, but who wants to sit through 20 minutes of dad coaching his toddler to stand on two legs? Life happens in short bursts, but we start recording everything early, just so we don't miss the good stuff. YouTube has finally enabled video-trimming in the Android app so we can shave off that excess footage and turn those slow home movies into quick clips our friends will actually want to watch.

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Video trimming couldn't be more straight forward. It is now a part of the upload process, appearing immediately after selecting a video to upload. A preview timeline shows up with two handles to control where the video begins and ends. It only takes a couple of seconds to chop off most of the unwanted content. To achieve more fine-grained control, hold down on either handle and the view zooms in for roughly 1/30th of a second precision. To check out your handiwork, just press on the play button for an inline preview.

We've known that video trimming has been on the way for a few months, ever since the first signs turned up in a teardown back in November. There have been reports from randomly selected users who received early access to this feature, but availability has been very limited. After an announcement on the YouTube Creators page, it seems video trimming has been turned on for everybody. This is the first of many editing features that are expected to appear in the YouTube app, including Instagram-like video filters and substituting licensed music for your audio, so keep watching for more to come.

Alternate Title: YouTube App Now Has Built-In Video Trimming, Because Nobody Wants To Watch Your Baby ALMOST Walk For 20 Minutes.