Ever lose your wallet? Presumably it would be much harder to lose this one. Woolet is basically a wallet with a Bluetooth tether built in that can be paired with your phone. It has just been funded on Kickstarter with more than a month still to go.

Woolet is a slim leather wallet that comes in two styles. It has a variety of pockets (including a secret one) and some built-in electronics. The Woolet will pair with a phone over Bluetooth 4.0 to alert you if the connection is broken. There's a Woolet app that will pop up a notification on your phone (it barks for some reason, which is dumb) and the wallet itself can sound an alarm if you walk away without your phone.

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The electronics are powered by a low-energy ARM Cortex-M0 processor and can recharge as you carry Woolet around. The team is working on both movement-based recharging and body heat recharging. This is probably the most interesting thing about Woolet.


$99 is pricey for a wallet, but it's actually not outlandish if the leather is of good quality. Aesthetics are highly personal, of course, but the Woolet looks okay. I don't think it's unattractive at least. Enough people are into it that the project is already well-funded.