Your teachers always said you'd need math, and they were right. If only you hadn't forgotten all of it as soon as you were out of school. Stupid math. PhotoMath can do it for you and all you need to do is point your phone at the offending math problem.

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PhotoMath pulls up a viewfinder with a resizeable box in the middle. Simply get the problem in the box, and PhotoMath will solve it. It currently supports arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations, and a few other functions. It won't handle your calculus homework right now, but perhaps in the future. The developers are also still working on handwriting analysis, so currently the problem has to be printed.

It's cool that PhotoMath doesn't just solve the problem, it shows you the steps for getting there with individual explanations. The app itself is fast and has a material interface. There's a FAB, colored status bar, and some cool animations. To top it off, PhotoMath is free and has no ads.

Developer: Photomath, Inc.
Price: Free+
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