The latest Netflix update brings in some changes to make your viewing experience feel a bit less cluttered. The interface now sports a more modern look, replacing the bubbly toolbars that appear during shows with something carrying a little less weight. Here's a direct look at what has changed.


New, OnePlus One.


Old, Nexus 4.

As you can see, the actual placement of buttons remains largely the same. At the top we still have the cast, episode, and subtitle buttons. At the bottom there's the pause, 30-second rewind, and—while not visible in the above screenshot—zoom buttons.

The Play Store may not have what you need just yet, so if you want the goods without the wait, you can download the apk directly below.


File name:
Version: 3.10.0 build 4327 (Android 4.0+)
MD5: c215c521a080cb4b4db16469f7e4f47a