Football is a distant memory of a blown call. Basketball is stuck in the middle part of the season with playoffs months away. And hockey is... I actually don't know what hockey is doing, because I don't care. What was I talking about? Oh, right, Major League Baseball starts next month! While the players train, the organization is dusting off its various digital properties. At Bat, the streaming app for the league's paid online service, has been updated with some new bells and whistles.

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The most obvious change is the Material Design interface which... you know what, it actually looks pretty great. I'm frankly shocked that a huge organization with digital assets across a dozen platforms has taken the time to adhere to Android's latest design guidelines, but it looks as if it has. Well done, MLB. All the main features from last year, including the paid video and radio streams and more mundane inclusions like a full scoreboard and game stats (most of which can be accessed without a subscription) are intact.

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Team overview pages are color-coordinated, and also color the notification bar on Lollipop. Nice!

Spanish-speaking MLB fans will be happy to hear that the updated app includes support for Spanish, though you'll have to manually set your phone or tablet to Spanish language to see the benefit. Of course, your mileage may vary when it comes to Spanish availability for streaming coverage.

Price: Free+