$25 Million. That's a lot of money for a little appendage that comes after a website's name. But Google saw potential in the tri-letter combo of .app and has finally won the ICANN's auction for the top level domain. This auction follows many other high-profile ones, where Dot Tech nabbed .tech for $6.7 Million (allegedly against Google), and Amazon grabbed .buy for almost $5 Million and .spot for $2.2 Million. By comparison, Google's auction has gone a lot higher, but it's understandable given the current interest in applications and our culture of Internet services.

However, this isn't Google's only top level domain — the company already has a few to its name like .ads.eat.fly, which aren't yet open to the public. Only .how.minna (in Japanese characters) and .soy (geared at the Hispanic market) are available for testing by select partners.

As for the title of this post, I should note that I'm not the one who came up with the word play. Speaking of the purchase, a Google spokesperson told Business Insider via email:

We've been excited and curious about the potential for new TLDs for .soy long. We are very .app-y with .how, at a .minna-mum, they have the potential to .foo-ward internet innovation.

He/She is my kind of person.

Alternate title: Google Raises The Dollar C.app To Z.app Everyone For A Domain Name Scr.app. Slow Cl.app.