If you want insurance for your device on AT&T and you bought the phone or tablet over a month ago, you're normally in trouble. For a limited time, though, you can get their insurance regardless of the date you bought the device. Until March 31, AT&T is allowing open enrollment on any of their three insurance plans:


The most expensive tier, which was introduced last summer, can cover tablets and laptops that have no relationship with AT&T so long as there is at least one device that is tied to the carrier on the plan. The main difference between the $6.99 and $9.99 plans is the ability to get priority technical support in the more expensive one. In other words, you may want to stick with the $6.99 plan if you have the technical competence that most Android Police readers do.

For most high-end smartphones, the cheaper tiers have a $199 deductible. That means you will pay the first $199 of cost for repairs before the insurance begins to cover them for you. After 6 months without a claim, it decreases to $149. 12 months without a claim lowers the deductible to $99, with no additional discounts afterwards. Make sure to look into the full terms and costs for the single-device and multi-device plans.

And before you go off and buy because it feels like a special privilege, read our phone insurance guide. The short version is that in most situations, unless you place a high dollar value on peace of mind, you lose money in the long run with phone insurance plans. Still, if you're one of the people for whom it is a good idea, this a rare opportunity to get signed up outside the usual period.