When the time came to unveil its second generation smartwatch, Pebble returned to the crowdfunding site where everything began. Setting the bar low, the company only wanted $500,000 to call the Pebble Time project, the name of its new watch, a success. Within half an hour, it had already reached a million dollars. Now the project sits over $10.5 million with 29 days left to go.


Pebble played it smart with this campaign. Without having to part with a single device, the company has already attracted millions in funding and stirred up plenty of anticipation. Nearly 50,000 people have thrown money at the project thus far. It has already amassed twice as much in a couple days as it received in the first week of its first attempt at this whole Kickstarter thing.

To show off the Time's color display and, perhaps, to celebrate, Pebble recently posted this video.

If I were watching the money rain in right now, I would have to agree. Yes, everything is awesome.