The Pebble Time still has almost a month to get more pre-orders on Kickstarter, but it's already passed the $10 million mark, which is the record set by the first Pebble. In preparation for what is sure to be a big launch for the company, the new v3.0 update of Pebble's SDK is now available. Developers can start building apps for the Time, and they'll work with the regular Pebbles in the meantime.

fill-up gbitmap-sequence isotime block-world

The new SDK includes support for hardware features like the microphone and of course that color e-paper screen. The resolution hasn't changed (it's 144 x 168), so it should be simple for developers to bring existing apps over to the Time. Here's a changelog of the most important features.

  • Support for 64 colors which all have a name!
  • A brand new animation framework
  • PNG and Animated PNG support in the SDK
  • Detecting which platforms you are building for at compile time
  • Much more to come!

The biggest change will be support for 64 colors with names like Jazzberry Jam and Electric Ultramarine. The updated animation framework will allow for more advanced apps, and Pebble is increasing available memory to 64KB to make sure everything goes smoothly. Then there's the Timeline feature that developers can plug into. There's some additional documentation for the new SDK on Pebble's site.