Motorola ships a mostly stock-looking build of Android on its devices, but it does pack in a few exclusive software tweaks. Exhibit A: Moto devices can load up the camera with a flick-to-launch gesture. Motorola ships its own app to make this possible, which until now came with the stock KitKat icon. Today Motorola has updated the app with a unique look of its own.

MotorolaCameraOld MotorolaCameraNew

Old, New.

The Motorola Camera's new icon is still clearly inspired by Google Camera's, borrowing from its flatter design and multicolored lens. Though in this case, the lens is simply different shades of teal. The color matches that of the interface that slides in from the side of the screen when you toggle the camera's settings, and it goes nicely with the remote shutter button that appears on Android Wear devices. Basically, Motorola likes teal.

Motorola Camera
Motorola Camera
Price: Free