Lyft is certainly trying to improve its service and application. With this new update to version 2.13.0, the app enhanced two of its existing options and fixed an issue that users with multiple payment methods must have faced in the past.

First, if you have several credit cards added to your account — say a business one and a personal one — or you also have coupons or Lyft for Work credit, you no longer have to make sure the right option is selected in the app's settings before paying. You can now choose the appropriate payment at the end of each ride, so there are less accidental personal billings on business accounts for example.

Second, if you're thinking about using Lyft's ride-sharing service Line, you can now compare the fee to a regular Lyft ride to see if it's worth the risk of being annoyed by another passenger. And third, splitting ride fares no longer requires you to have the other person in your contacts, a simple phone number will suffice.

The update comes with the expected bug fixes and improvements too, so it's a positive one all around. Here's the changelog as Lyft posted it, with a link to the app below.

The choice is yours! Now, choose how you pay for each ride. New in this version (v2.13.0):
• Pick your payment preference: choose to use a coupon, credit card, or Lyft for Work credits after your ride.
• Updated Lyft Line request flow, including a price comparison to classic Lyft.
• Not in your contact list? Not a problem! Now you can split your ride with just a phone number.
• Behind-the-scenes bug fixes and improvements.