Have you ever used Google+ on a mobile browser? It has never been very fun. Trying to share something or make sense of a link was no better. However, after over a year without noticeable improvements for mobile browsers, it has finally gotten a revamp. In fact, it's arguably a better experience than the current Google+ app for Android.

Here's a look at the new mobile web app.

Screenshot_2015-02-26-10-55-38 Screenshot_2015-02-26-10-46-32 Screenshot_2015-02-26-10-54-23

If you don't remember how it was before, here are a couple snaps from Google's out-of-date mobile web apps page:

Our reader Connor has provided us with better pre-update screencaps.

original original2 original3

And that really doesn't give you a feel for how clunky it was to use. Google even managed to work some Material animations into the new web app. The hamburger menu will feel like a revelation to those who use the Android app frequently, leaving me to wonder why in the world it isn't there. Still, not everything is super smooth, just because you are running it in a browser. If you only use Google+ sporadically, though, this is a fine substitute.

Another subtle improvement is the way URLs are handled. Before, mobile URLs were convoluted and pointed to phone- and tablet-specific version of the page, even if opened on a desktop. Here's an example of one that is still live. The update makes URLs the same across platforms, fixing a source of aggravation for those of us that have tried sharing from the web app.

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