Hitting the slopes already comes with a fairly high wow factor, but RideOn wants to make things even more impressive with its crowd-funded augmented reality goggles for skiing and snowboarding. The project, which started on January 20th, has managed to reach its $75,000 fixed funding goal on Indiegogo.


RideOn's goggles project a virtual interface on top of the snow, appearing as though things are hovering fifteen feet in front of you. The product can produce hoops for you to swoop through or a map to keep you from getting lost. Just don't use the latter while you're speeding downhill.


Wearers navigate the interface by looking up and focusing on a UI element for a brief moment. Staring at the map button will bring up the map.

Augmented shenanigans aside, the goggles contain a camera, so you can record your performance GoPro-style.

It's worth pointing out that $75,000 is a really low goal for producing hardware. Ambitious projects can easily cost millions. Looking at the videos, this product appears to already be in a mostly working state. RideOn just wants to gauge how many people are interested.

And you need to be pretty interested to snag a pair. The cheapest offer still available goes for $519, a discount from what RideOn says will likely be a retail price of $899. The project expects to ship September 2015.