There are two kinds of physical keyboard users: those who never touch the 10-key area (that's the bit on the right that kinda looks like a calculator) and those who will only let you take their 10-key away when you pry it from their cold, dead hands. There's a reason you see a little add-on USB 10-key in that one aisle at Best Buy: data entry experts, especially those that work with Microsoft Excel, need those extra keys like Texans need 15-round ammo magazines. Well, 10-key addicts, Microsoft is here to help you nurse your addiction on Android.

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Redmond has just released Keyboard for Excel, which is (wait for it) an Android virtual keyboard designed to be used with Excel. The big selling points here are the previously-mentioned 10-key number pad and a permanent Tab button, which is essential for quick navigation of spreadsheets, plus a vertical row of common spreadsheet modifiers. Right now the keyboard is specifically labelled as an "experiment," so Microsoft has omitted things like auto-correction and gesture typing, on the assumption that you don't need it to edit a bunch of expense reports.

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The bad news is that the keyboard only works on tablets... which really isn't so bad, since its ultra-wide layout really wouldn't make sense even on large smartphones. The good news is that it behaves just like a standard third-party keyboard, so you can use it on any text field that takes your fancy.

Keyboard for Excel
Keyboard for Excel
Price: Free