Amazon's Fire HD tablets are surprisingly good purchases if you just want something to consume media. They're inexpensive, snappy, and have great battery life. Now they're learning a new trick courtesy of an OTA update. The coming upgrade for Fire HD tablets will include Amazon's Firefly feature, allowing them to recognize music, movies, and more. Why? So you'll buy more stuff, duh.



Firefly is already available on the more expensive Fire HDX tablets and the Fire Phone, where it was one of the headlining features. You can't blame the Fire Phone's failure on Firefly, though. It's a neat feature that can be used to recognize over 245,000 movies and TV episodes, 160 live TV channels, and 35 million songs. You can also scan barcodes and use IMDb for X-Ray to get more information about a movie or TV show.

The update will be coming to owners of Fire HD tablets in the US, UK, and Germany. The OTA should pop up in the coming weeks.