Denon and Spotify currently have a thing going on where if you put the two together, you could wind up saving $200. Denon is holding a promotion where if you happen to be a Spotify Premium customer, you can get the Heos 3 wireless speaker for just $99. That's a mere third of its usual $299 sticker price.


The speaker can stand tall or rest horizontally, and it's small enough to fit in any room where you want wireless music. If you happen to already own one, you can use them together to form a stereo pair.

The Heos 3 can stream music from your Android device, USB, NAS, and various cloud sources. In addition to Spotify, there's Pandora, Rhapsody, TuneIn, and a number of others. You can control them all using the companion app.

You have until March 19th (unless stock runs out) to save $200 off the Heos 3 before Denon and Spotify bring the promotion to a close.

Developer: D+M Group
Price: Free