Let's say you're a loyal AOL user who heard about all of the extra security and convenience offered by password managers. You want in on that action, but you don't know where to start.

AOL points you towards OnePoint, its way of storing your passwords, usernames, and credit card information and auto-filling sites as needed. You use the service because, as the website says, it comes with complimentary products worth up to $1,540 a year but are yours at no additional cost*. How could anyone resist?

You hear you can use OnePoint on your mobile device, so you go to Google Play to find out. A few days ago you didn't come across anything, but checking again on a whim, you stumble upon something with the most iOS-looking screens you've seen in quite a while.

OnePoint1 OnePoint2 OnePoint3

Did they just copy and paste these over? Upon checking over on the Apple App Store, you discover that nope, there isn't even a OnePoint app there to copy from. Sure, there's a password manager, but it doesn't quite look like this.

So you install the new app anyway, because it lets you take your OnePoint experience on the go, and typing stuff on a phone is annoying. Besides, no one else really cares what you're doing on your phone. Just don't mention it online, where all the cool kids are using other apps.

AOL OnePoint Mobile
AOL OnePoint Mobile
Developer: AOL Inc.
Price: Free