Pebble's website is currently home to a big countdown clock that is tracking the hours between now and 10AM EST tomorrow, February 24th. At that time, the company is expected to unveil information about new hardware and software.

Today we've caught a glimpse of both. The company briefly hosted this image on its servers before taking it back down.


The image shows a black, rounder Pebble with a color display. The four buttons used to navigate the on-screen interface—one on the left and three on the right—remain present on this updated model. 9to5Mac reports that the device will be thinner and come with a completely redesigned software experience, a Cortex M4 processor, and a 6-axis gyroscrope. Battery life will supposedly compare to that of the first generation device. None of this is clearly confirmed by the leak and remains to be seen.

After taking down the leaked image, Pebble replaced it with this alternative design.


We're going to go out on a limb and say that the second one won't be what's shown off when the countdown reaches zero tomorrow morning.

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