Microsoft Health is that tech giant's preferred way for people to track information pertaining to their fitness and, well, health. The app serves as the companion to a $200 arm band that is worth a look thanks to its support for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone alike.


Following through on an earlier promise, the Android app plays along with MapMyFitness, one of the more popular workout apps to be found in the Play Store. Microsoft Health users can now set their information to sync with that app. This release also adds integration with HealthVault, Microsoft's own platform for sharing healthcare information with your doctor. Again, you can set the information to sync automatically.

If you use neither of these products, there's still something here for you. This version places an emphasis on biking, giving you the ability to monitor your heart rate, elevation, location, and speed. Working with the Microsoft Band, the app is able to track rides both indoors and out. There are five new indoor workouts to help motivate you to pedal.

There's also a new Quick Read feature that rapidly displays notifications in a large font and removes the need for scrolling.

What's new:
  • Bike Tile: Lets you track your heart rate and calorie burn. Outdoor rides will also track speed, distance, and elevation.
  • Quick Read: Helps you read text, email, and other notifications quickly.
  • MapMyFitness Integration: Effortlessly save and upload your workout data to MapMyFitness.
  • HealthVault Integration: Easily share your Microsoft Health workout and sleep data to your HealthVault account.

To access everything, you can sign in to the newly available web dashboard or continue to fire up the existing app below.

Microsoft Band
Microsoft Band
Price: Free