Of the original Moto E's missing features, LTE was perhaps highest on the wish-list (well, maybe behind a front-facing camera) for the super-budget handset. The second generation Moto E - previously leaked here - will not have that problem, at least if we're talking about the version headed to Verizon. Oh, and yes: the new Moto E is going to be on Verizon, apparently. With LTE. And that picture up there is it.

This is all we've got, but the image is a dead match for the previous leak apart from the Verizon branding, so there's basically no doubt as to its legitimacy. We don't know when Verizon's Moto E with LTE is coming, what it will cost, or whether or not the logo will actually be 80% larger on the final device.

With LTE onboard, a lower-end Snapdragon chip is basically a given here, and our previous leak shows a front-facing camera and secondary noise-cancelling microphone have been added to Moto's entry-level rounded rectangle. As for specifications, our leak of the Sprint variant shows 8GB of storage, 1GB of RAM, a 1.2GHz Qualcomm chip, and a 4.5" 960x540 display.

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