Google cares deeply about its Apps for Work customers. So much so that it withholds buggy new products and services until they're ready, but now it's looking for a relationship with some very lucky administrators in order to build a new work Inbox together. The trial begins next month, but only very special Apps for Work admins will be a perfect match for Google.


Google is looking for Apps admins who can answer yes to the following questions.

  • Do you want to use Inbox as your primary email at work?
  • Are employees at your company heavy mobile users?
  • Most importantly, do you want to partner with Google on user studies to help build the new work Inbox?
  • Do you love laughing and trying new things?

Okay, that last one isn't real. Still, Google isn't looking simply for volunteers, but a partner. Are you that partner? Google likes A-B user studies, serving contextual ads, and long walks on the beach. Google's dislikes include skeuomorphism, antitrust regulations, and rude people.

If you're an Apps admin and think you'd be a good match for Google, request an Inbox invite by emailing [email protected] Google will take what it learns from the initial rollout of Inbox to bring it to more Apps customers over the coming months. You'll never have Google all to yourself—this wild stallion can't be tamed.