The Nexus 7 will be two years old this summer, but it's still a great little tablet. We still see batches of refurbished units pop up on eBay and other deal sites from time to time, but this might be your last chance to get a new one right from the source. Asus is selling the Nexus 7 with a bundle of goodies for $199.

2015-02-23 09_51_24-ASUS Nexus 7 16GB Tablet Bundle _ Nexus Series _ ASUS STORE

Admittedly, $199 is a little steep when refurbished tablets are available sometimes for $130-160, but this is a new device with a full warranty. You also get all the official accessories. There's the wired dock, a wireless Qi charging stand, and a cover that comes in your choice of five different colors.

I wouldn't wait too long on this one. I have to think this is simply Asus unloading the last of its inventory. When it's gone, that's probably it.