The Nexus 6 is finally a thing you can buy without hammering the refresh button for hours on end. Right now you've got your choice of buying the 32GB Nexus 6 from Google Play or Motorola, but at long last there is stock on Amazon.

2015-02-23 12_28_25-Amazon.com_ Motorola Nexus 6 - 32GB - Unlocked (Midnight Blue)_ Cell Phones & Ac

So, head over to the Amazon product page and you can get the blue or white Nexus 6 for the regular price of $649. If you are a Prime member, that includes free 2-day shipping. That's the best deal of any official option. This is coming direct from Amazon as well, no sketchy third-party marketplace sellers.

If you do buy from Amazon, be aware support might be slightly more annoying. If something goes wrong with a device purchased from Google Play or Motorola, they usually just swap it out. If you go to Motorola with a device purchased from Amazon, there's no telling how smoothly things will go.