A developer has done the (almost) unthinkable: gotten an Android Wear watch to work with an Apple iPhone. More specifically, it's a Moto 360 and an iPhone 6. Maybe more surprising is that he did not need to jailbreak the iPhone to do it, even though his happens to be. It's not exactly clear how much he needed to modify the watch, but he's obviously loaded custom software onto it. Here's a proof-of-concept video:

If you don't like videos, it shows a text message rolling in on the iPhone and an alert subsequently popping up on the Moto 360. The notification on Android Wear has the appearance of a Hangouts-type alert, just with the Apple Messages icon instead. In other words, it's not a hilariously clunky implementation so far as you can tell in a video this short.

The developer, MohammadAG, has created countless Xposed modules and gives this whole thing some credibility. He explained in the comments of the original report that he used Apple's Notification Service Center (ANSC) APIs to make things work. This is the same way that Pebble works. There are no special shortcuts, as the developer explained that the goal is just to be able to have an Android Wear watch and an iPhone work together, with no other equipment or hijinks.

It might not be advisable to go and buy an iPhone to pair with your Android Wear device just yet, or vice versa, but this certainly is an interesting possibility of the open platform on which Wear is built.