If you have ever been traveling and wanted to know where the best place to get gas is, you might know that this can be kind of difficult at times. Gas station X might be near you as you search for options, but is it on your route? Or, you don't want to stop just yet, making that problem even more complicated. Well, Google Now has added a card to help with that.

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Those we have heard from were not navigating when this card popped up, but they were driving. Google is noticing the speed you are moving and making a prediction about where you're headed in order to give you this information. Of course, it probably will also come up when using navigation.

And, per usual, it will not always be right about whether you are traveling and where you're headed, but it is just a swipe away from being out of your hair. This card is not on Google's official list, but they might be considering it part of the traffic and navigation card functionality.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free